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PitchScore is a game changer for startups through the startup journey.

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Your friends are nice.

Unfortunately, nice feedback doesn't help your startup business...

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Inconsistent well meaning expert advice can send you spinning in circles.

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Constructive feedback, measured against thousands of structured and benchmarked data points from PitchScore, is the solution.

Get the structured feedback you need to succeed with your startup.


PitchScore is THE startup application built for entrepreneurs.

Startup success is found in the structured benchmarked data from consistent feedback.



Access to startup features Free Forever
  • User account and startup profile
  • Upload Pitch Deck and attach to profile
  • Record Pitch Video and attach to profile
  • Generate shareable unique startup QR code
  • Ability to score other startups
  • Record of scores done of other startups
  • Profile available for pitch event inclusion
  • Share the code and be scored
  • Extensive reporting against benchmarked data
  • Reported comments from scorers
  • Monitoring of startup pitching journey
  • Historical reporting of all event scores
  • View up and coming ecosystem events
  • Scored against a rubric of proven startup core fundamentals
  • Access to a growing resource Library
  • Fast easy scoring and feedback for scorers


$20+HST / month
Free for the first 3 months
  +premium features and new ones as we build more

  • All PITCHSCORE BASIC options
  • 1x AI driven feedback of your video pitch
  • Extra Benchmark comparisons on key factors
  • Various Insights into the pitch content you delivered
  • Sentiment analysis on delivery of pitch
  • Get on Canada's PitchMap, used by Angel Groups and VC's to find the BEST Startups in Canada
  • Track all leads which from interesed scorers
  • All future premium features for life of account
PitchScore Report Bundle


$750  499+HST
Limited Time Special Price

  • PitchScore Analysis, Evaluation, and Recommendations by at least 3 experienced Angel Investors
  • Data-driven Prediction of Probability of Angel Interest
  • Get on Canada's PitchMap, used by Angel Groups and VC's to find the BEST Startups in Canada
  • Includes PitchScore Basic account
  • submit your 10 minute video and deck, our PitchScore panel is ready!

Seriously, it is time your startup benefits from benchmarked feedback.

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PitchScore for startups, entrepreneurs and other worldwide disruptors. Register now.

You will discover PitchScore to become a valuable tool on your startup journey to receive structured benchmarked feedback, consistent measurable guiding data, lead tracking and so much more...

Show your code to anyone and ask them to score. In a few clicks, you will have the feedback and PitchScore will crunch it all together for you to provide clear insights.

Based on a proven standardized rubric to measure early stage businesses, scores for your business will be consistently measured against this rubric.

All the scores coming into the platform and processed and presented in a comparison against your scores from the feedback you receive on your startup journey.

People scoring your startup have the option to opt-in to further contact. This provides you will a lead list of people you know have scored and have an interest in your startup.

Use PitchScore to continually ask for feedback from people outside of your business to gain clear insights on how your business is progressing through your startup journey.

Interpreting the feedback you get couldn't be easier with PitchScore's easy to interpret charts and graphs. All real time so that you are always up to date.

You are busy. Capturing all your startup activity and corrective feedback is easily done with PitchScore. All in one place where every you go PitchScore is with you.

PitchScore will create a label of momentum, pipeline, radar or verified, depending on your scores, activity and other proprietary calculations performed by PitchScore. The PitchMaps is available to other ecosystem partners such as innovation centres, incubators, accelerators, venture firms, angel investors and others within the startup community.

Still have more questions about PitchScore?

PitchScore FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions.

Your pitch is scored on 6 dimensions which cover: team, advantage, market, business model, product and traction.

Use our pitch video recording tool or upload a 10 minute video of you making your pitch. You will want to record so that you are visible and your pitch deck is also visible at the same time. The video should walk through your pitch deck. This will appear on your profile to your perspective scorers.

We will need a pitch deck in PowerPoint format or PDF which will be uploaded to our servers. This will appear on your profile to your perspective scorers.

All your scores are crunched by PitchScore and provided real time and are available through your account dashboard. If you have a full investor evaluation being done, it is usually delivered within 5 business days.

Any startup with a PitchScore that confirms the potential for more interest will be placed on the PitchMap in our database for investors and other key stakeholders.