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PitchScore helps startups create their best pitch and deliver it to angel groups, seed funds and international investors. Our platform provides pitch science predictions of investor interest with real feedback to startup pitches.

20,000+ PitchScore DATA POINTS

We are experienced angel investors who saw a gap in the investment process. Startup pitches were not measured against any standard and there was no consistent method to rank or track early stage investment opportunities. Entrepreneurs were not getting consistent feedback from angels and angel groups, and instead were continuing to pitch the same way without knowing where their pitch ‘nailed it’ and where it ‘fell short’. We believed there was a need for a better solution.

In 2019 we developed the PitchScore App, a pitch analysis tool used to capture the impressions of investors when receiving a pitch. The easy to use app assists investors with measuring and tracking pitches while at the same time providing valuable feedback to the entrepreneurs.

We collected over 20,000+ PitchScore data points showing which pitches generated interest and which resulted in funding. With this new research data in hand, our excitement about a new platform to assist entrepreneurs and investors continued to grow.


PitchScore for Entrepreneurs

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Our proprietary PitchScore Platform provides the means to capture standardized and weighted data points from startup pitches. Using this data we have developed algorithms that are predictive of likely investor interest and funding. The data is standardized and because it is, important comparisons can be viewed and improvements can be made.

PitchScore Data

Pitch Data

PitchScore is the first to standardize and provide feedback and data on pitches for startups. This startup data paints a picture of the path to success for startups and investors.

Startup Data

Startups raising money or forging their ideas into a business require objective feedback and data to determine if they are on the right track and where to improve.

Investor Data

Investors and advisors need good standardized data captured from the review of startups and entrepreneurial businesses to determine how to help and where to look for opportunities.

Built by Investors and technologists

Innovative Team

As entrepreneurs and investors our team also has deep knowledge in technology and software development. Together we are building applications to fill gaps we experience with the entrepreneur/startup pitch data and creating new opportunities for improvement in the startup eco-system.

Scott Robinson
Scott Robinson, B.A.Sc., MBA
Igor Nesmyanovich
Igor Nesmyanovich, Ph.D
Michelle McCorkell
Michelle McCorkell
Director of Operations
Jason Nagy
Jason Nagy