PitchScore for Incubators and Accelerators

PitchScore was created for Incubators/Accelerators who need to offer pitch improvement services, assess their programs and encourage investment in clients companies. PitchScore is a platform solution that solves this by providing pitch scorings, feedback, benchmarking and mentoring as well as exposure to early stage investors.

PitchScore Incubators and Accelerators

Your incubator or accelerator programs are building tomorrow's great companies.

PitchScore can help you with your programs for entrepreneurs by providing valuable benchmarking and feedback at every stage. Our Incubator/Accelerator plans include:

  • Special pricing for incubator/accelerator clients
  • PitchScore for benchmarking your startup through your programs
  • PitchScore Dashboard to provide clear analytics on startup progress
  • PitchScore Event tools to score your event participants
  • PitchScore support to get the most out of your PitchScore activities

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