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PitchScore Launches New Pitch Evaluation Service for Founders Seeking Funding


PitchScore Launches New Pitch Evaluation Service for Founders Seeking Funding


New program to leverage extensive database and predictive algorithms to help Canadian start-ups improve pitches and access investors.


Toronto, Ontario   November 9, 2021 – PitchScore Inc. (www.pitchscore.com) announced today that it has launched a new program to assist Canadian start-ups to refine their pitches and connect with investors. Using its extensive pitch scoring database and proprietary algorithms, PitchScore can quickly evaluate pitches to predict the likelihood of investor interest and funding as well as provide detailed feedback to founders on 27 different dimensions. Start-ups pitches achieving a minimum PitchScore are added to Canada’s PitchMap, a national database of great companies and resource for angel and other funder groups.

In preparation for a broader launch in early 2021, PitchScore is making the new service available immediately to Canadian Startups with an introductory pricing of $197 (regular price $397). Special pricing available for incubators and accelerators.


About PitchScore


PitchScore was founded in 2019 by a group of angel investors interested in tracking the effectiveness of start-up pitches and providing better feedback to presenting founders. Using 10000 data points from hundreds of angels and company pitches, PitchScore has developed algorithms that predict investor interest and funding using a standardized set of evaluation factors. 


Today, PitchScore is a platform used by founders, accelerators, funder groups and pitch events to evaluate pitches, collect feedback, engage audiences, and connect investors with pre-screened start-ups on Canada’s national PitchMap. 


For more information, contact:


Scott Robinson

CEO and Co-founder, PitchScore Inc.

905 903 5087


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