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PitchScore Boosts Startups with New Features including Direct Feedback, Lead Tracking and Ecosystem Visibility


PitchScore App enhancements are a game changer for founders desperate for data driven feedback to accelerate startup validation and fundraising efforts.


Toronto, Ontario   April 3, 2023 – PitchScore Inc. (www.pitchscore.com), the global leader in startup evaluation using pitch data and proprietary algorithms, today announced a host of exciting new features have been added to its popular App, designed to support startups at all stages of development. The new enhancements include:


  • Direct Scoring for Startups. The well-established PitchScore Platform is used across the innovation ecosystem at investor meetings, in pitch competitions and as part of the program delivery at incubators and accelerators. But diligent startups, desperate for feedback to validate their ideas, assumptions, and market potential, also pitch at ad hoc meetings, in informal settings like coffee shops and by sending out pitch decks to interested contacts. All startups who have registered at PitchScore.com now have access to a unique QR code and URL which they can use as a convenient way to share pitch materials, collect standardized startup scores, and gather frank feedback. The new feature allows startups to track their progress against ecosystem benchmarks and monitor their pitch journey.


  • Lead Tracking. The path to a successful startup is rarely a straight line and typically requires many, many pitches and validation points. That is why PitchScore now includes a feature to collect automatically, all pitch contacts who are interested in future updates. Using the Leads tracker, startups can establish and leverage a fan base of potential funders, customers, and partners.


  • Faster Revisions and Better Visibility: The new PitchScore App includes easy access to resources to help you improve your startup. Is your startup below average on your Team Score? Use PitchScore to find what you can do to boost your score and improve you overall PitchScore. All startups achieving a minimum score and having recent pitch activity are included in the PitchMap database available to investor groups through Angel Investors Ontario.


PitchScore is proud to support entrepreneurs. “Our latest release of the PitchScore App moves us closer to fulfilling our mission to accelerate the startup innovation cycle by providing valuable, objective, business measurement tools to founders.”  said Scott Robinson, CEO and Co-founder of PitchScore Inc.


“These new features will enable all startups, regardless of stage, to move faster with their validation and funding process and definitely improve their learning cycles.” said Dylan Robertson, CEO and Co-founder, New Earth Solutions Inc., a successful entrepreneur, and user of PitchScore.


About PitchScore


PitchScore was founded in 2019 by a group of angel investors who were tired of seeing startups struggle to get feedback as they worked to validate their business and attract funding. They saw a way to provide founders with direct comments and standardized measurements, every time they delivered a pitch.


The PitchScore App uses a standardized evaluation system to deliver frank comments, detailed scoring, benchmarks, predictive algorithms, lead tracking and resources directly to startups to help them quickly improve and validate their businesses.


The PitchScore Platform is used by organizations including investor groups, incubators, accelerators, and pitch competitions to manage pitch events, evaluate pitches, collect feedback, engage audiences, and connect investors with pre-screened start-ups on Canada’s national PitchMap. 



For more information, contact:


Scott Robinson

CEO and Co-founder, PitchScore Inc.

905 903 5087



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