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PitchScore Announces Partnership with ventureLAB Technology Hub in Toronto, Ontario



PitchScore Announces Partnership with ventureLAB Technology Hub in Toronto, Ontario


PitchScore, the leader in pitch scoring and data-driven mentorship services, will provide its cloud-based live pitch scoring platform and Angel Evaluation service to help analyse, benchmark and prepare Toronto startups for investment.


Toronto, Ontario  April 10, 2021 – PitchScore Inc. (www.pitchscore.com) announced today a partnership with ventureLAB to provide platform services to startups, mentors and program administrators at ventureLAB’s Innovation Centre in Toronto.

VentureLAB’s mission is to grow globally competitive tech titans that build-to-scale in Canada. The hub supports tech entrepreneurs and small businesses through programs focused on capital, talent, technology and customers, to advance Canada’s economy on a local, national and global scale.

The PitchScore Platform and the PitchScore Lite APP will used score ventureLAB clients as various stages of development to benchmark progress, evaluate program effectiveness and prepare startups for pitching to angels and venture capital funds. PitchScore’s reporting system will be used to live-tabulate scores during pitch mentoring programs, and later stage startups will receive a full 8-page review using PitchScore’s Angel Evaluation service. VentureLAB  and PitchScore will be working together to build custom dashboards and reports to support services at the tech hub.


About PitchScore

PitchScore was founded in 2019 by a group of angel investors interested in measuring start=up pitches and providing better feedback to presenting founders. Our platform used by founders, accelerators, funder groups and pitch events to evaluate pitches, collect feedback, engage audiences, and connect investors with pre-screened start-ups on Canada’s national PitchMap. 

For information about the PitchScore scoring platform, company benchmarking, predictive algorithms and Angel Evaluation Report service visit: www.pitchscore.com


For more information, contact:

Scott Robinson

CEO and Co-founder, PitchScore Inc.

905 903 5087


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